Custom Photography

Whether classic or contemporary, natural or artistically manipulated, mild to wild - Maria Kraszynska Galleries will take more than just images, our photography department will capture the emotions and feelings you want your photos to convey.

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Commissioned Art & Design

For clients seeking a unique, one of a kind design or work of art custom made for a special event, occasion, presentation, for decorative use or simply because, our studio can take care of many of your needs. Because all our projects are created in-house, we are able to better with work with you to understand the goals and concept you desire to express while seamlessly transforming ideas into realization through amazing art. The skilled craftsman and talented artists at Maria Kraszynska Galleries are here to take care of all your custom art needs.



Our experienced cinematography team is on stand-by for your custom production projects. Whether you need a short television advertisement, footage for a music video, are producing a documentary, or need assistance on a motion picture, Maria Kraszynska Galleries can make your project a work of art.


A top-notch web presence is critical to the success of any project in today's day and age. The key to truly dynamic web development is a seamless marriage of design, technology and functionality. Your clients as well as search engines will thank you.


Nothing is as important as getting your brand to the world. Without this, even the best ideas will go unnoticed and your work will never be in the spotlight you deserve. 

Center stage can be claimed with a seasoned group of media relations specialists. At Maria Kraszynska Galleries we know how to make the world see you and your brand shine.

Maria Kraszynska Galleries 

We offer courses that teach the language of design and process of making art. The majority of courses are based on the atelier system - in which trained artists teach students in a studio setting. Online courses are also available for certain categories. No prior experience is necessary to attend a design class, although some instructors may request an interview prior to enrollment. 

Mixed Media

Works of visual art, three-dimensional compositions created using various materials, structures and forms. Students Learn the best methods for creating fascinating mixed media works of art. 


Mastering flash, understanding exposure, applying filters, capturing angles, as well as photo editing and post-production methods used by today's top photographers. Learn the technique, art and business of successful, breathtaking photography.

Jewelry Design

Hands-on workshops focused on the creation of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Learn the techniques goldsmiths and silversmiths employed generations ago that are still in use today. Granulation, enameling, gemstone carving, wax setting for stones and precious metal embossing are but a few of the jewelry classes available at Maria Kraszynska Galleries. Trends in jewelry and gemology are examined. Students have an opportunity to create jewelry from real gemstones, natural elements, glass and crystal. Diamond and gemstone cutting techniques are addressed. 


Maria Kraszynska Galleries offers an introduction to a wide scope of drawing practices and concepts to create a diverse and challenging program from which every student emerges a better artist. Classes are held in the left wing studio, all needed materials are readily available for each course. Life drawing sessions are held 3 times per week.

Printmaking & Digital Printmaking

From small etchings or image transfers to large poster sized prints, this class is designed to convey the essence of printmaking while providing students an opportunity at unobstructed freedom of expression through this medium. Students are able to work with a diversity of mediums and modus operandi such as monotype, etching copper and zinc, color viscosity roller technique, intaglio, etc. Another course offers insight on the newest developments in fine art digital printmaking where students learn the best methods of image optimization while combining traditional aesthetics with digital enhancements.  


Classes offer an introduction to the world of sculpture making. Mediums of use include clay, wood, glass, metal, stone. Students are shown basic to advanced hand building techniques to create figures and forms in abstract, realistic, anthropomorphic, or animal shapes. Courses in digital sculpting via 3D printing technology are available for a hands on experience in the emerging field of digital sculptures. This method allows for a simpler way to obtain realistic forms or anatomically accurate models.

One-on-one sessions are available by appointment.


Various techniques from realism to abstraction on a wide array of mediums. Use oils, watercolors, acrylics. Students can choose to focus on classical techniques or modern methods of painting. Discover secrets the Masters used to achieve immortality in their works. Learn how to use the correct brush techniques, choosing the right support, finish and lighting in your works.

Fashion Design

Wearable art - with emphasis on fashions that transcend the boundaries of time, learn how to design timeless yet fashion forward and avant-garde creations.

Whether redesigning a classic silhouette or producing the next iconic piece, our fashion design courses encourage students to experiment with and cultivate fresh ideas. 

Mold Making & Casting

Classes range from basic to advanced ​techniques of molding and casting. This includes how to make one piece molds, two piece molds, waste molds in plaster or latex, rubber as well as silicone and urethane molds. Best options for sealers and release agents will be addressed and the making of geometric molds and casts. Cold cast bronze and creating a marble effect with resin. Casting techniques to achieve reproduction of various elements: metal, stone, wood, scales, etc.

Film Production & Cinematography

Capturing emotion, transporting viewers to a time and place, spreading a message, telling a story, documenting an event or experience. The world of motion pictures offers a powerful mode of expression. Learn to convey and use techniques Hollywood studios incorporate to achieve outstanding, passionate productions.

Classes are recommended for those with some past experience and basic understanding of the film production process.



The Studio

Art Classes And Design Courses

From custom photography, to brand identity and media production, Maria Kraszynska Galleries provides solutions to all your design needs.



Maria Kraszynska Galleries offers an unparalleled scope of artistic expression. Whether the task at hand is information design, branding, logo creation or web site design, we consistently obtain the best results for our clients. Our design process is focused to communicate the messages you want your brand to convey to clients and viewers.




Cutting Edge of Design

Maria Kraszynska Galleries - More than just a Design Studio


Art and Advertising

Here to help you obtain a unique identity. Combining art with advertising into one amazing presentation that will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. Separate yourself from the sea of sameness.



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